Monday, September 2, 2013

Jesus Loves Me...This is How I Know

On August 23, I celebrated my 27th birthday in the Lord!  It just makes me say, "Wow!"  How good God has been to me, and still is!"  One of my kids' favorite songs is "Jesus Loves Me."  I have sung it to them since they were born.  I've always tried to make it personal to them, so that it is more than just a "Sunday School Song" to them.  I want them to know for a blessed fact that Jesus DOES love them - it isn't just a song we sing!  The personalized version goes something like this....

"Jesus loves you, this you know,
For the Bible tells you so.
Martha Jean (Ian Matthew) to Him belongs,
Ian (Martha) is weak, but He is strong!
Yes, Jesus loves you!
Yes, Jesus loves you!
Yes, Jesus loves you!
The Bible tells you so!"

Well, I honor of my Spiritual Birthday, God gave me some words to make it personal to ME!  

"Jesus Loves Me...this is how I know,
He sent me flowers from a Bible student I know!
He sent me Lemon Cake - what a treat -
Especially after craving it for nearly a week!
(I saw a recipe on the Baptist Missionary Women Blog!)

How did those Dear Deaf know,
That Lemon Cake would please me so?
They sure didn't, but my Saviour did!
Jesus loves me, and that is how I know!"

Yes, Jesus loves you!
He'll show you too!
Yes, Jesus loves you too!
How does He show it to you?

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