Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Childhood Memories

I would like to preface this blog by saying, "I am NOT old!"  What I am about to share with you, however, might prove to the contrary!
Matt and I took a stroll down "Memory Lane" this afternoon.  After all, that's about all the strolling I'm doing right now - Hee!  Hee!  Hee!  We got to talking about different things we watched and read as children...Matt grew up with Comic Books and Sci-fi movies; I grew up with "Little Women" and Westerns (you know...John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, etc.)  Naturally, the conversation turned to some of the games we played (here is where I start telling my age)!
When I was little and we still lived in New York State, one of my favorite pastimes was to play games with "Pama" (my Grandma).  She had a closet full of things to keep us grandchildren entertained.  A couple of games that I remember in particular were "Uncle Wiggily" and "Shopping Center."  Matt is convinced the only reason "Shopping Center" was one of my favorite games was that it involved shopping!  Well, maybe he's right!  Pama also had "Chutes and Ladders" (yes, back then it was still "Chutes and Ladders," not "Snakes and Ladders"!)  
Anyway, I got to thinking about how much fun I had playing those games with Pama and my cousins.  I also thought about how fun it would be to play those games with my own children!  Then I started wondering if "Uncle Wiggily" and "Shopping Center" were still in existence!  (I have no idea what happened to the ones Pama had.)  Well, thanks to Google...I found both of those games!  I was so excited, and Matt was so good to let me buy them both, and they were good prices!  My excitement was dampened by the realization that those games are considered "Vintage Board Games."  Am I THAT old?  I am NOT that old!  I was able to purchase two "Uncle Wiggily" storybooks and the game for one great price!  I found "Shopping Center" on Ebay!  (I was also able to buy a book for my sweet Hubby too - a book about one of his ancestors, Bishop William McKendree!)
Now I am counting the days until they arrive in the mail, and I can start playing those games with my own kiddos!  What games do you remember from your childhood?


Sunday, September 15, 2013

What to do when you can´t do anything

Greetings!  What a strange title for a blog, right?  Well, I´ve been thinking about this topic for several days now, and thought I would take a few moments and share with you what I´ve been doing since I can´t do anything!  By now you are wondering WHY I can´t do anything.....well, I´ll tell you.....we are expecting our third baby!!  Everything is going fairly smooth.....I am delightfully nauseated (like a good, pregnant lady should be!), not walking about much (Doc´s orders), and resting (also Doc´s orders)!
So...what am I doing...?
1.  Learning how to type on Hubby´s computer. 
     Now why would that be something I need to learn?  He bought this computer here in Peru - the keyboard has all the English characters plus the Spanish characters!  This means that the keyboard is differently arranged - all the punctuation marks are in different places from what I´m used to!  Talk about a challenge!  But if I can learn to wash my clothes in Spanish (all the words on the washer and dryer are in Spanish), I can learn to type on a Spanish keyboard!
2.  Sewing projects
     Now I have time for all those sewing projects that I want to get done.  I´ve been crocheting and cross-stitching - not at the same time of course!  I haven´t graduated to that level of talent just yet!
3.  Reading
     I´m rereading old favorites, and working on new books.  Now I have time to study my Ham Radio Operator´s Manual - with the goal of getting my Ham Radio Operator´s license. 
4.  Praying
     I didn´t put prayer last because it is the least important.  I put it last because it has become the most precious use of my time.  Since I´ve had all this time, I got to asking the Lord what I could do - something profitable for the benefit and blessing of others.  Naturally, I considered what I could do with my hands for others...all the while the Holy Spirit was nudging me to see the obvious.  All right - let me be completely honest here - I made the mistake of thinking that praying was not doing.  The Holy Spirit nudged harder until I saw my folly - what could possibly be a better use of my time to be a benefit and a blessing to those around me?  Right now I can´t go to Callao with Hubby, but in prayer, I can go with him.  I´ve been often reminded lately of the precious hymn ¨Little is much when God is in it.¨  One of the verses says, ¨Are you laid aside from service, body worn with toil and care?  You can still be in the battle, in the sacred place of prayer.¨  And that is exactly where I want to be - in the sacred place. 
Yes, I´ll admit some days seem to drag by, but I know my Lord is walking with me, teaching me things now that will bless the rest of my life - and hopefully those around me!  Some days my attitude is raunchy - sad, but true.  Praise the Lord for His love and patience - it never fails.  Psalm 91 is my constant source of comfort and strength.
You know, I don´t have all the answers, nor am I a ¨super-Christian¨ by any stretch of the imagination.  I just wanted to share my heart with you this morning.  Hopefully, the things I learn will be a blessing to someone coming behind me, or to those who walk beside me.  I pray you will have a blessed day with our Saviour today! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Jesus Loves Me...This is How I Know

On August 23, I celebrated my 27th birthday in the Lord!  It just makes me say, "Wow!"  How good God has been to me, and still is!"  One of my kids' favorite songs is "Jesus Loves Me."  I have sung it to them since they were born.  I've always tried to make it personal to them, so that it is more than just a "Sunday School Song" to them.  I want them to know for a blessed fact that Jesus DOES love them - it isn't just a song we sing!  The personalized version goes something like this....

"Jesus loves you, this you know,
For the Bible tells you so.
Martha Jean (Ian Matthew) to Him belongs,
Ian (Martha) is weak, but He is strong!
Yes, Jesus loves you!
Yes, Jesus loves you!
Yes, Jesus loves you!
The Bible tells you so!"

Well, I honor of my Spiritual Birthday, God gave me some words to make it personal to ME!  

"Jesus Loves Me...this is how I know,
He sent me flowers from a Bible student I know!
He sent me Lemon Cake - what a treat -
Especially after craving it for nearly a week!
(I saw a recipe on the Baptist Missionary Women Blog!)

How did those Dear Deaf know,
That Lemon Cake would please me so?
They sure didn't, but my Saviour did!
Jesus loves me, and that is how I know!"

Yes, Jesus loves you!
He'll show you too!
Yes, Jesus loves you too!
How does He show it to you?