Sunday, August 18, 2013

Projects, Family Pictures, and Reworded Songs

I guess in order to get you caught up, I'll start at the latest and go back from there!  I just finished this afghan yesterday!  It is the first time I have ever crocheted a round afghan, but it was so much fun, and it went quickly!  Way back on Christmas Day 2012, I started the
following afghan.  It took me until July 2013 to get it finished, but finish it I did!  I worked on it during spare moments, and actually got a lot done when we took our trip to Ecuador!  What else are you going to do on a bus for 48 hours?!
Here is the young lady who was the recipient of the afghan.  Olga LOVES green, as we found out
when she stayed with us this past Summer!  It was so much fun to surprise her for her birthday!  She remembered me starting to work on it, but I had refused to tell her what it would be and who it was for!
There is nothing like working on three or four projects all at once!  I made scarves for Martha and Ian on our trips back and forth to Callao!  I had seen women on the trains and combis crocheting or knitting, and finally I thought - I might as well put my travel time to good use!  It's easier to crochet something without a pattern while riding on public transportation!  I did however, have another project to work on once we got to Callao.
Martha was so excited with this dolly backpack!  She loves it, because it is just right for whichever dolly or stuffed doggie she chooses!  It really is designed to be worn on the back, but it works just as well turned around to the front.  Now I'm working on a wardrobe for Dolly!  I'm not sure which dolly will end up with the wardrobe, probably they will all share!
We recently had some new family pictures done! Enjoy!
Between all the silliness, we actually ended up with some really great family pictures!
One final bit of humor for you children have reworded some classic songs, and I thought you would appreciate their versions...
"Yankee Doodle" has now become "Yankee Noodle" according to Ian, and Martha likes to sing "...stuck a feather in his head...!"  This morning Ian was in the bathroom, changing clothes, and singing the "Wiggle Worm Song" from Patch the Pirate.  His version was, "Never wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, never giggle, giggle, giggle, need to 'quash the wiggle worm, when you feel the squirms!"  Oh, if he would only practice what he sings!  I can't complain, however....after all he was just following the Bible commandment to "Make a joyful noise..."  Thankfully, God never told us we had to get the words right, too!

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