Sunday, April 2, 2017

Only God Could Do That!

"What a coincidence!"  How many times have we heard or said those words!  But is that event/situation REALLY a coincidence - a random happening - or is it something that has been ordained by God since the beginning of time?  You see, it really is a matter of perspective.  It is matter of choice - choosing to believe that God lovingly plans and executes every detail of our lives, or choosing to believe that our lives are a set of random events thrown together in a haphazard manner.  Let me give you some examples....
I have a friend who lives in Africa.  She has a neighbor who is Dutch.  A Dutch neighbor in Africa? Coincidence? No, only God could do that!  Only God could lead her and her family to a certain country, a certain house on a certain street, and give her a Dutch neighbor and the opportunity to be a witness for Christ!
While in the States last year, I met a pharmacist at the Walmart in Hobbs, NM, USA.  Not so odd, right?  But when you think about the fact that she is a Filipina, and had recently moved to Hobbs from add an invitation to a Wednesday evening service....I was thrilled to see her walk through the doors right before church started!  But the story gets better....sitting in the row ahead of us at church was another Filipina who had just gotten saved and had started coming to church not long before!  AND a dear church member who lovingly befriended this lady, invited her over for breakfast, so she could have the opportunity to share the Gospel with her!  Coincidence?  No, only God could do that!
Only God could lead us to a house that was in such close proximity to several different Deaf people.  Only God could prompt a young lady from France to speak to us in the grocery store, giving us an opportunity to give her a Gospel tract!
What is it in your life that you have been looking at through the eyes of "Coincidence"?  Could it be that God lovingly planned that detail into your life - for His honor and glory?  Yep! Only God could do that!