Sunday, October 23, 2016

I am an Introvert

Did you know?  I am an introvert.  Isn't that funny?  I am an introvert, and the older I get the more of an introvert I become!  I have a routine, and I like it....I like it a lot!  Sometimes a week goes by before I realize that I haven't left the house the whole week!  But, I am comfortable with that - it is my "safety zone."  I feel secure.  I adore schedules and plans!  I don't do well with crowds or new people or new places - never have.  I blog because I can "chat" with you, but I don't have to stand in front of anyone!
I worried my roommates and friends when I first went to college.  I stayed in my room.  I worked on my requirements.  I was content.  They were worried!  They found a job for me, so I wouldn't be "lonely"!  I liked the job....I worked by myself.  During my Senior year of college, I purposely schedule nothing for Friday nights.  You see, I knew that all my roommates would be busy on Friday evenings - work, dates, shopping, etc. That meant solitude....peace and quiet.....time alone.....a valuable (and necessary) resource in my world.
Would you like to know the funniest thing about me being an introvert?  I am a missionary.  Isn't that hilarious?  God chose to take an introvert like me, and send me out as a missionary!  And you know what that means, right?  Exactly!  New people, new places, the need for flexibility, the need to leave my house!  You know what else it means?  It means I have to stand in front of people and talk/sign!  That in and of itself is amazing, because having to stand in front of people is the very reason I wouldn't take Sign Language in college! Now who says the Lord doesn't have a sense of humor?
So, here I am.....Introvert, Wife to my Beloved, Mommy to my 3 Blessings, and Missionary/Pastor's wife to the Deaf and Hearing (which means I have to stand in front of people quite often!).
Is it hard to be an introvert and a missionary at the same time?  Yes, but God gives great grace....and a sense of humor!