Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What colors are your blessings?

Mommy's Super Hero
(right after Daddy!)
 Do you ever feel like you are one of those circus performers with the spinning plates?  I often do, as I try to balance hubby and kiddos with language school, house keeping, and ministry!  There are days when I feel like all my plates are crashing down around my head!  Then there are days when I get that "Supermom Complex" - you know, "I can do it ALL because, after all....I'm SUPERMOM!!!"  It is usually right after THAT thought when the plates start to wobble!  Then the Lord gently reminds me that those plates are only kept spinning with His help!  And He adds blessings to my plates - which helps me keep all my plates in order and spinning!
Mommy's Busy Helper
(making a train with the
couch pillows!)
We have been studying Psalm 23 during our Family Bible Time recently.  Martha is memorizing Psalm 23 in school, so we thought we would incorporate it into our Family Bible Time!  It has been a blessing to see her and Ian understand the meaning of each verse.  We learned in verse 1 that we are just like sheep, with God as our Shepherd.  The kids had fun pretending to be sheep!  Then in verse 2 we learned more about sheep and how the Shepherd leads us where we need to go.  When we got to verse 3, Matt explained to the kids about the "staff," that tries to gently correct us and put us back on the right path - and the "rod" that gives us more severe punishment when we ignore the "staff."  I wish you could see the kids eyes get big as they see the meaning of each verse!
Cups Running Over???

Last night we talked about verse 5 - focusing on "My Cup Runneth Over"!  Matt showed them how God "pours" the blessings into our lives.  He used drinking cups that belong to the kids (I wish I had taken a picture!), and poured water into their cups.  Unbeknownst to the kids (or me), Matt had put blue food coloring in their cups, and when their cups overflowed, they overflowed with blue water instead of the clear water Matt was pouring in!  Martha immediately assumed that blessings must be blue!  We took that opportunity to share with her and Ian that blessings come in all shapes and sizes - and maybe even colors?  After all, isn't Autumn Time the perfect example of a "colorful blessing"?  We all took turns sharing something that was a blessing to each of us from the Lord.  Martha's blessing was "going to school," and Ian's was "leaves."  Matt's blessing was "his hat being returned recently after having lost it," and mine was "Family Bible Time."
I will never again think of blessings without thinking of them in "Color"!  I guess the color of one of my blessings this week would be green.  GREEN?!?!  Yes, Green - because the Lord allowed me to save money at the grocery store this week - now THAT is always a blessing!
So, what colors are YOUR blessings?

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