Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over!!

   I have been thinking this week how appropriate the name the Lord gave me for my blog is - "My Cup Runneth Over..."  This week, my cup runneth over - with all kinds of things!  Let me explain....
   Do you ever have one of those weeks where everything seems to go right, and everything seems to go wrong - all at once?  It has been my experience that the going wrong side usually happens because the devil is unhappy about the going right side of things!
   As some of you may know, we go to an area of Lima every Sunday called Callao.  We are helping with a Deaf Mission Church there.  The Lord has been opening all kinds of doors for us, and this past Sunday, "Our cups ran over"!  Including our family and Frank, the Deaf man who goes with us to Callao, we had 13 in church this past Sunday!  And the blessings keep coming!  I have written down the whole story on our Family Website Blog: if you would like to read it.
   Well, you know the devil isn't very happy right now - HA! HA! and I'm glad.  Glad?!?!  Yes, glad.  Because when the devil is mad (even though it means problems), it means the Lord is pleased, and that's what I want - to please the Lord!  I have learned that the devil's anger shows itself in many different ways, and never in the way you expect it.  This time, he chose to try one of his favorite weapons - discouragement.  And I had pretty much given in - sad to say!  My cup was running over, but I wasn't letting it run over with my "Whatsoever List" from Philippians 4:8-9!
   The Lord has laid a burden on my heart for quite some time about the need for good books - missionary biographies in particular - translated into Spanish.  One of my favorite books is Evidence Not Seen.  I had asked several people, including the Pastor who is the "caretaker" of her book, and everyone told me the same thing - "There is no Evidence Not Seen in Spanish."  How my heart was saddened at the thought of the Spanish-speaking world missing out on so great a treasure!  Even as I felt the Lord nudging me to translate Darlene's book, the doubts came flooding in.  It doesn't matter what the Enemy said, suffice it to say he said it, and I listened.  But I was excited and I started in with this project!  Yesterday was a particularly difficult day with our language studies, and I was in despair!  But our Lord is so faithful to bring encouragement along at the right moment!  Yesterday was no exception, and He used our language teacher to give me the "Pep Talk" I needed.  My cup was running over again - this time WITH my "Whatsoever List."
   Yesterday I was ready to give up on my God-given project, believing the Enemy's lies of being unqualified, how full of arrogance and pride I must be to take on a project like this, and all the other reasons he laid at my feet for why I should not continue.  But today, I take up my pen and persevere - knowing 100% that this project is from the Lord, and He will enable me to do the task He has given me!  Please pray with me and for me concerning this project!  I don't know how it is all going to come out in the end, but I know the Lord's hand is in it, and the end will be wonderful!
Truly, MY CUP RUNNETH OVER.....!!!

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