Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School Days

For quite some time, Martha had been asking me if she could have "school."  So for a while we were having "school" whenever I could fit it into the schedule (she is only 3 after all!)  Then I decided to schedule school into weeks - choosing Mondays and Fridays as the best days for school!  Martha was thrilled!  Well, when she discovered there was more to it than just coloring, THAT was another story!  But we continued and she began learning her numbers and letters.  Praise the Lord, for that has helped her tremendously!  She always wants to know what something says so I told her when she learned her letters, then she could learn to read!
Then one of the missionary wives told me Martha could go to the class they have here for her age.  Mateo and Benjamin are the same age as Martha and they are learning English.  Matt and I talked it over, decided to let her go, and told her the glorious news!  She's been going to school for about a week now.  The first day she came home from school she was sad!  I couldn't imagine what had happened, so I questioned her about it.  It turned out she was disappointed because she didn't get a lollipop!  It wasn't even a comfort that the boys didn't get one either!  I realized she had confused "School" with "Sunday School" since we always refer to her Sunday School class as "Class."  Oops!  We've cleared up the confusion, and now it is smooth sailing!

I took her down to school the first couple of days, but now she goes by herself.  Sometimes Daddy walks her to school.  She is enjoying it.  She starts at 8 a.m. and is done by 10:15. She came home yesterday and was telling me all about Nicky Narwhal - the animal that goes with the letter "N."

Ian misses her dreadfully.  His first question every morning is usually, "Where's Martha?"  I can usually count on answering that question at least a dozen times before Martha comes home!  Sometimes I don't get Ian up until after Martha has already left for school.  If he happens to be up and around when she leaves - he sets up quite a howl for Martha!

Mommy misses her dreadfully, too!  Martha really isn't that far away, but to Mommy it seems like a million miles, and those two hours are the slowest ones of my day!  On Mondays, Daddy preaches in chapel for the Deaf students, so we try to go down to see him preach.  Right now he is teaching through the story of Naaman.

Now if I could just teach Ian that not every color is YELLOW......

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