Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fruit Salad Days

This week has been kind of like Fruit Salad - all tossed together, mixed up, with some sweetness thrown in for good measure!  For the Deaf school children of Efata it has been a week full of competitions!  They have had vocabulary competitions, a fruit salad competition (I got to be a judge - what a yummy job that was!), and today a drama competition (I got to be the unmerciful judge for that too!  It was not without rewards however - they gave me a piece of cake as my salary!)

For my little family, it hasn't really been a fun week.  My hubby and kiddos are all under the weather - yuck!  Martha told me this morning, "I don't feel well."  So then I had to break the sad news that she probably shouldn't go to school today - she didn't want to make her teacher or classmates sick!  She brightened up immediately and said, "I feel better, Mom!"  Bless her heart, she still had to stay home!

Since these have been "Fruit Salad Days" for me, this blog will be Fruit Salad also!  I did promise recently a picture of my new kitchen clock, it is!  They had two different clocks at the store where I found this one, and I couldn't decide which one I liked better - and after all, why do I need TWO clocks in my kitchen?  So Martha helped me decide, and this is the one she chose! Isn't it lovely?  I love checking the time on my brand new "Coffee Clock"!

As I mentioned already, I got to be the judge for the drama competition today.  The Deaf children were doing ABC stories. ABC stories are unique to Deaf Culture, and as fas as I know, they've not been done with Peruvian Deaf - until now!

I wish you could have been sitting next to me as I watched the children do their ABC's and their ABC Stories in the most beautiful and expressive language in the whole world - Sign Language!  Am I biased?  YES!  What a blessing to think about these precious young people and the wonderful plans God has already established for their lives!  Many of these young people have not yet received Christ as their Saviour, but what a blessing to think of the day when their understanding will be opened and they will accept Christ as their Saviour and then decide to serve Him with their whole lives!

Have a wonderful week full of your own "Fruit Salad Days"!

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