Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coffee and "Do Nots"

When we went to the "Big Tottus" yesterday for our weekly shopping trip, Matt and I talked about getting some donuts from the Dunkin' Donuts kiosk outside the store.  As you parents know, many times we speak in "Code" when talking in front of our children.  Since my children not only know English, but also Spanish and Sign Language, it gets rather challenging to speak in "Code" sometimes! So, yesterday I asked Matt if we could get some "Do Nots" (Isn't that what they really are anyways - "Do not eat me or you'll change shapes?")  He agreed to the "Do Nots."  Yippee!!!!  When I asked Martha if she would like some "Do Nots" she said (very solemnly) "No.....Mommy, what is a 'do not'?" Daddy teased her and said, "You know it is something you shouldn't do - do not do this, do not do that...!"  And the conversation ended for the time.

When we wer finally done with our shopping - more about that another time - we stopped by the "Do Not" kiosk!  Wow - was that an exciting moment when Martha realized what a "Do Not" was!

This morning when I asked Martha if she was ready for cereal, she said, "No.  I am ready for a donut!" I knew Daddy had saved her part of a donut for breakfast this morning so I went to get it.  As I headed toward the kitchen, I heard her say, "May I have "coffee" with my donut?"  Martha and I have a "tradition" all our own.  As you know, coffee flows abundantly through my veins, and Martha (being an exact replica of her Mama) has decided she likes coffee.  I make her "coffee" - evaporated milk, warm water, sugar, and a dusting (very light) of coffee.  She loves it and it makes a nice warm drink for cold mornings!

So this morning, Martha and I are drinking our coffee together, and she is eating her donut!  My father-in-law (who is a retired police officer) would be so proud to see us holding up that most beloved of all police traditions - coffee and donuts!

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