Monday, September 24, 2012

"Jesus This I Know"

My kids love music - especially Ian!  I have sung to them since before they were born.  One of their favorites is "Jesus Loves Me."  I can't even being to tell you how many times I have sung that sung!  And I gladly continue to sing it!  Both Martha and Ian are avid fans of playing my piano as well!
Playing Mommy's Piano - oh boy!
Music has always been an important part of my own life.  I remember singing with my Mom many times!  I always thought my Mom was the bravest lady I knew during thunderstorms.  I can remember sitting in front of our sliding glass door during thunderstorms and singing "Wonderful Grace of Jesus" and "Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul"!  I'm not sure why she picked those two songs - maybe because of their length!  I learned many years later that she was scared of those storms, but she didn't want me to be, so she sang with me.  Perhaps that is why I sing when there are storms - not just thunderstorms, but storms in life - what a comfort music is to me!  I can also remember singing in the vehicle with my Mom.  Most of my life, we lived far from town, so when it was time for grocery shopping - it was quite a drive to get to the store!  Mom would grab the hymn book (Soul Stirring Songs and Hymns - I still have that same hymnal - it's next to my piano right now!) and head out the door with me in tow.  She'd have me pick out a song, and we'd sing.  

One of our favorite places to sing!
I have to tell you though, when you start down the musical path with your children, be prepared to invent songs!  Some parents invent stories, I get requests for song inventions!  Yesterday Martha wanted me to sing the song about "The Dinosaur."  I had no idea what song she was talking about, but she insisted, so I invented!  A word of caution about inventing songs:  Try to remember the words, if not the tune of the invented song - you may be asked to repeat it!  I now have the original song "The Ballad of Dinosaur Jack"!  It's a song about a dinosaur (see what happens when your sons gets glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs for his birthday?) who has to ride a train to Sunday School!  (Some day I'll write the words down for your amusement - if I can remember them!)

Mom is in Heaven now, but I think she must smile every time the Lord tells her, "Sarah is singing with her kids again!"  I find myself singing the same songs again and again and again - but that's okay!  Yesterday we went to Callao as normal.  I think I sung all the way there and all the way back!  Yesterday's favorites were "Only a boy named David," "Zacchaeus," and "Jesus This I know."  You're thinking, "Jesus This I know"?  This is the title Ian has given to "Jesus Loves Me."  Kind of appropriate don't you think?  He's only two, but Ian has it all figured out - "Jesus This I know."  The wonderful, simple faith of a child:  We know Jesus - nothing else matters.  

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  1. I've been singing lately too . . . in Swahili! So precious.