Thursday, August 6, 2015

Between the Rain Drops

First let me say that I LOVE living in Iquitos, Peru!  In so many ways it reminds me of General Santos City, Philippines, where I lived for 7 and 1/2 years as a single missionary.  But I love Iquitos most of all because God has brought us here.  I giggle to myself sometimes as we ride down the street in a mototaxi.  I giggle because I get to live where most people only dream of visiting!  So many people all over the world, spend thousands of dollars to come visit here - yet God allows me to LIVE here....WOW!  I pray I will never lose the wonder of living here in Iquitos.
It rains here regularly - sometimes every day, sometimes every couple of days.  I love the sound of the rain on our tin roof!  So what do I do between the rain drops?

Between the raindrops, I hang up laundry on my clothes line.  I love hanging my clothes up on the line - the sun dries them so quickly!  I am enjoying praying for whoever God brings to my mind and heart as I hang up my clothes - between the raindrops.  Thankfully, I am learning exactly how many loads of laundry I can get washed AND dried in one day!  Sometimes, (like in the picture here) I have to hang my clothes under the partial roof because the raindrops come before my clothes are dry!

Between the raindrops, we have school.  We are learning all kinds of interesting things this year - everything from nouns, verbs, and learning to read to tracing our shadows on the ground to see how the sun moves across the sky!  We are studying geography this year (always my favorite topic!) and learning a little about each of our 50 States!  I think later this year, we will dive into World History!  Math and Handwriting are always on the menu for the school year.  And who can forget about Art Class?!?  I can't - Martha and Ian won't let me.  I think they live for Fridays - Art Class Day (plus the end of the school week)!
Between the raindrops, we live.  Just like everyone else.  We live in the place God planned for us.  And we love it - living between the raindrops!


  1. Hi Sarah! So glad to hear you are loving the new city! Miss you dearly and am so excited for all God is doing there. It's so great to hear from you. Love love love you!!

  2. Rain every day sounds beautiful! :) Glad you are all doing well! Love you!