Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Merry Heart

This morning I would like to share some of the humorous things we have experienced.  Life is never dull, especially when you live on the Mission Field!  It is a privilege to raise my children on the Mission Field.  It is also a great responsibility - I don't take it lightly that my children's attitudes concerning the Mission Field are formed by my attitude concerning the Mission Field.  I praise the Lord for the sense of humor He has given me!  These stories happened when we were here in Iquitos in May......

One evening we were getting ready for baths, when I discovered that not only was the water cold, but also there was no electricity in the bathroom.

Mommy (speaking excitedly, but groaning inwardly):  "We're going to have an adventure!  We get to take a bath IN THE DARK!!!  The water will be cold.  This is an adventure!!!"
Remember, I have a 6 year old, a 4 year old, and a 1 year old.  Their reactions as the cold water touches them......

Martha (speaking in the tones of an army cadence - trying to convince herself):  "This is an adventure!  This is an adventure!  This is an adventure!"

Ian (in mournful tones):  "This is NOT an adventure!"

Phebe:  "WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!"
One day during the week, as Ian was putting on his shoes, he told me, "Now I'm putting on my sandias!"  "Sandias" is the Spanish word for "watermelons."  What he meant to say was "sandalias" ("sandals")!  I gave him an A for effort!  Besides how many 4 year olds know 3 different languages?  Even we grown-ups make hilarious language blunders at times!
A conversation with Martha....

Martha:  "Mommy!  Look at the mosquitos!  They're HUGE!!"
Mommy:  "Those aren't mosquitos, Honey.  Those are dragonflies!"
Why God made bugs......

Martha & Ian:  "Mommy, why did God make bugs?"
Mommy:  "So the spiders and lizards would have something to eat."

Later that day....

Ian:  "Mommy!  I know why God made bugs!"
Mommy:  "Really?!?  Why, Ian?"
Ian:  "God made bugs so we could SQUASH 'em!!"

I LOVE his reasoning - don't you?

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."  Proverbs 17:22


  1. Haha! I loved those stories! You should do more posts like this. :D Love you all!

  2. Okay, that was hilarious! Especially the cold water part. Thanks for the reminder that my attitude about the mission field shapes my children's attitudes. I needed that.