Monday, June 30, 2014

Straight Forward

I've started reading through Ezekiel and what a blessing it has been so far!  The Lord has certainly been using some of the "toughest" books in the Bible to bring me some of the sweetest blessings!  This morning I read Ezekiel 10.  The very last phrase of chapter 10 (v. 22) says, "…they went every one straight forward."
Pretty profound, isn't it?  Now I realize that Ezekiel was talking about the movement of the cherubims and the wheels.  But that statement arrested my attention:  "…they went every one straight forward."  I went back and looked at the chapter again.  Three times Ezekiel explains the movement of the cherubims and the wheels.  "…they turned not as they went, but to the place whither the head looked they followed it; they turned not as they went" (v. 11).  "…turned not from beside them" (v. 16).  "…they went every one straight forward" (v. 22).
Then I read Proverbs 30.  Can you guess which verse the Lord brought to my attention?  Proverbs 30:30 - "A lion which is strongest among beasts, and turneth not away for any;"  The Lord is trying to tell me something!
As I sit here writing to you, Martha is sitting on the floor next to me reading Proverbs  to Phebe.  (I think she is giving her a sermon while she's at it!  I heard some admonishing about modesty…)  Ian just came in and joined the girls.  What a precious sight it is to see my children reading the Bible together - learning to go "straight forward."
One the the desires of my heart is to not only teach my children to love Jesus, but also to teach them to go "straight forward" in their service for Him.  As I think about that phrase "straight forward," I also think about how we should not just GO straight forward for the Lord, but we should BE straight forward for the Lord.  To be honest and bold for our Saviour is something we are trying to teach our children.
Praise the Lord for all the wonderful examples given to us in His Word!  Examples that show us how to do and be what Jesus wants for us.  With the Lord's help, let us apply Ezekiel 10:22b to our lives every day:  "…they went every one straight forward."

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