Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Learning to Appreciate

I did something last night that I never thought I would - I sat down on the couch with my family and watched an ENTIRE game of soccer!  Okay, okay, there were two motivating factors that prompted this phenomenon:  1.  The World Cup!  2.  The United States was playing!
When I lived in the Philippines as a single missionary, I learned to appreciate basketball.  Before that time, I didn't have much use for (or know much about) the game of basketball.  The Filipinos LOVE basketball!!  While I must confess that basketball is still not my favorite sport to watch, I have learned to appreciate it.
Now I live in Peru, South America, where soccer is King!  Until now, I have had a half-hearted interest in soccer.  I get excited when Peru wins a game.  But let's be honest - having The World Cup right next door in Brazil - it somehow changes your perspective!  The excitement of the Peruvians is contagious!  I've been keeping up with the scores, and we even watched part of the Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina game!  But something changed for me last night….after all, my home country was playing!  It was a great game (USA won!!!), and it was so much fun watching it as a family (Did I mention that the USA won?!?)!
So, now I am learning to appreciate soccer.  Martha and Ian enjoy playing soccer in the hallway of our house!  And it is yet one more connection I can have with the people God has called us to!
Phebe helping Daddy work!

Watching the construction

Mommy and her Treasures
Martha, Phebe, and Ian with Lis (Deaf)

Daddy and his Treasures


  1. It is huge over here too.... everybody talks about it and there are Japan and BRazil t-shirts and stuff. :P Hope Y'all are having a great day!! <3 Victoria

  2. I can relate!!! The Greenlanders LOVE soccer and play it all year long. Outside in the summer, inside during the winter. Although Greenland doesn't have a team in the World Cup, EVERYONE is watching it. We also watched the USA World Cup game and loved that our home country won! :-)

  3. We haven't watched any games, but soccer is really big here in Kenya too, and everyone is staying up late into the night to watch it because we are in different time zones. I think soccer is probably the biggest sport world-wide, as most countries seem to go for that more than basketball, baseball, etc. Here in Kenya, soccer is called "football" though. I am interested to know who the US won in soccer. I didn't think it was big in the States.