Saturday, January 11, 2014

End of the Year Fun

I thought you all would enjoy seeing pictures of what we have been doing for fun the past month or so.
Ian's Cupcake Christmas Tree
School Christmas Party
Martha's Cupcake Christmas Tree
School Christmas Party
Ian's new Tractor - Christmas from Pappy
Martha's new Purse - Christmas from Pappy
Me and My Honey on my birthday!
The Yummiest Birthday Cake I've ever had - White Chocolate and Lemon!
My trademark wave on my birthday!
My surprise birthday cake from the Ladies of Efata!
The ladies gave me the most beautiful bowl full of fruit - pineapple, mangoes, bananas, oranges, and grapes - DELICIOUS!!!  (Pictures coming soon to a blog near you!)  I didn't realize the bowl was for me at first.  After coveting the bowl and contemplating not returning it to the rightful owner, I finally asked to whom the bowl should be returned.  I danced a jig in my kitchen when they told me it was mine!  I'm sure it would have been hilarious to see the 6 months pregnant lady dancing a jig over a fruit bowl, but Matt is the only one who saw me!  (Whew!  Giggle, giggle!)

Martha and Ian LOVE the race track Ian received for Christmas!  
Daddy's Big Helper - preparation for all the holiday cooking!
Matt and the kids went on a "Treasure Hunt" - here is the "treasure" they finally found!
(I hid it in the corner of their playhouse on the front porch.  I had to convince them they had been reading the map upside down in order to get them out to the front porch!)
Chocolate soles - can you find a monetary system anywhere in the world that is better than chocolate money?
Digging up potatoes with Daddy!
Mommy's Garden Helpers
My diligent potato diggers!
Delightfully dirty!
The fruit of our labors and patience!  Not much, but enough to encourage us to  grow another potato plant or two!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing highlights from the end of our year!  We are looking forward to all the adventures God has in store for us this year - including a new baby and a short furlough!

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