Monday, January 20, 2014

Counting or Complaining?

I woke up this morning with a song floating around in my brain.  As my eyes struggled to stay open, I could hear, "Count your blessings, name them one by one….." It was as if the Lord was singing to me this morning, and trying to help me start out my day (and my week) on the right track.  Naturally, I got to thinking about my blessings and yes, I started listing them.  Then the Lord gave me a brilliant idea!  I love brilliant ideas from the Lord - don't you?  And let's face it - counting your blessings is just another name for thankfulness, right?  So…what was my brilliant idea from the Lord?  A way to count my blessings (and the blessings of my family), teach my children thankfulness, and have a math lesson all at the same time!  The Lord is so smart and wonderful!  Yes, yes, you're already thinking, "Well, duh, Sarah - of course He is…He's God!"  But it's even more wonderful when we allow Him to exercise his smartness and wonderfulness in our lives - instead of blundering along trying to do it all alone!
Back to my God-given idea…. I have this wonderful white board hanging in my kitchen.  It gets used for all kinds of things - chore lists (ugh!), an artist's canvas (for my two budding artists), a place to write out family memory verses, a place for Hubby to illustrate a point for his institute classes, etc.  This morning, I turned it into our "Blessing Counter"!  At the top, I wrote "Count your Blessings."  Then I wrote "Sunday."  I've already written some blessings on there, and I can hardly wait for everyone else to be up and around so we can add to the list!  I had to have a place to start - that's why I chose to start with Sunday, but I'm sure we will continue it into today!  I can hardly wait to count the blessings at the end of the day and be surprised at all the Lord has done for us!  Maybe we'll even run out of room on the white board, and have to use the small, portable one also!
As I was fixing my coffee, I was mulling over this idea of literally counting my blessings.  The Lord brought to my attention how many times I start complaining about my "hardships."  Wow!  That was convicting!  I thought of how my children struggle to be cheerful and not complain about every little thing.  Next I thought about how their attitudes are merely reflections of Mommy's attitude - ouch!  Praise the Lord, He gave me the idea that will not only help my children, but help me to keep my attitude in check - especially when it comes to the dishes in the sink!
All of this led me to ask myself:  "Am I counting or complaining?"  It really wasn't hard to answer. Sometimes I count, but more often I complain.  Shame on me.  I truly want to count my blessings.  I want to be able to praise my Lord for all the wonderful things (big or small) that He has done in my life!

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  1. Great post, Sarah. It really got me thinking! I have dishes sitting in my sick too, and this morning, I said, "Ugh!" in my heart. They seem to be never-ending. But it sure is nice to have those dishes to eat on and cook with!