Thursday, October 10, 2013

Moments of Time

A "snuggle" moment!
Does it seem like sometimes that's all you have - just a moment of time?  Just when you sit down to work on a project of your own, Hubby or Kiddos need something desperately!  Yes, I'll admit, those moments are often moments of frustration to us.  But what about those moments when your son or daughter comes "tearing" into the room like a tornado, rushes up to you and gives you firm (if not rather sloppy) kiss on the cheek?  Those are counted as moments of sweetness.  As we all know, life is made up of moments of time.  Some days we fail and don't use our moments wisely.  Other days, our moments are useful and blessed.  At this moment, my children are playing together, my Hubby is investing in the lives of the Deaf Institute students, and I am using my moment to share some of my thoughts with you.  I had a different topic in mind for this blog, but the Lord hasn't given me license to share that topic with you I'll save that for another moment!  So here are some snapshots of some recent "moments" in my life and in the life of my family!
Martha practicing her witnessing skills
Moment of Silliness!
Reading His Bible
A moment of celebration - Ian is now 3!
A moment of giving - Martha giving her present to Ian
A Moment of Hilarity - the well-deserved reward of the Chef -
finishing the last squirt of whipped topping in style!

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