Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In The Way

How many times do we think of being "in the way" as a bad thing?  We feel insulted when people are "in the way" at the store.  We feel frustrated when people are "in the way" while driving down the road.  We feel annoyed when we find our children's toys "in the way" because we just tripped over them for the umpteenth time.  I know.  I've had those feelings many times!  And on the mission field, sometimes those feelings are magnified.  The Lord has been showing me something the last few days, however.  I have so much I want to share with you this morning, and I struggled to know what I should say.  So, I'll just share my heart with you this morning and let you in on what God has been teaching me this week.....I've been learning that when you serve the Lord, being "in the way" is a good thing - a very good thing!  Do you remember the story of how Rebekah came to be the bride of Isaac?  The servant declares in Genesis 24:27b, "I being in the way, the LORD led me..."
 The lady in this picture is Mistrely.  Raul (standing next to her) invited her to come to church one Sunday.  She had been a member of Efata many, many years ago.  At some point she became involved with the Seventh Day Adventists.  After she came that first time with Raul, she would come every once in a while.  Recently, she has been coming every Sunday.  When we would ask her about her salvation, her testimony was never very clear.  We couldn't tell if she was just doubting or wasn't saved at all.  About two Sundays ago, I asked the Lord for an opportunity to witness to Mistrely.  It didn't happen and I was disappointed.  In my own reasoning, I couldn't think when I would get another opportunity - Anniversary Sunday was coming up, and I was sure I would have no time to witness to her.  I was sad.
Anniversary Sunday came (more about that later).  It was a busy and blessed day - we had 70 Deaf come!  I asked another lady to witness to Mistrely.  When it came time for the invitation, I saw the other lady leading someone else out to witness too.  More disappointment.  Then the Lord opened the door of opportunity so wide that I couldn't miss it!  I began to talk to Mistrely - just talk.  I watched as she expressed her doubts and obstacles to me.  I then had the glorious opportunity to offer her the only solution I know - Jesus.  You see that space over there under the stairs in this picture?  There was not a bicycle there this past Sunday, but a bench.  I don't think I've ever before witnessed to someone amidst so much distraction!  But with the Lord's help, I did it - "I being in the way, the LORD led me..."  In spite of all the distractions and interruptions, Mistrely sweetly and humbly prayed asking God to save her!
This is a picture of the original members of my ladies class!  My, how the LORD has grown my class!  I am so thankful for each of the ladies God has placed in my life!  I watched them this past Sunday - each one as different from the others as can be - but together they were serving others, witnessing to others, and just serving the Lord however they could!  I thought about how blessed I am - the privilege that is mine to be their Pastor's Wife (It scares me to death, really!!!)  How precious it is to see them growing in the Lord!  I thought of when I first visited Peru.  I wasn't really sure I wanted to be here - even though I knew God was already leading my Dear Husband grateful I am that I chose to be "in the way" of God!  Are you "in God's way" today?
"I being in the way, the LORD led me..."  Genesis 24:27b

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