Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Steps of Obedience and Faith

As some of you may know, we had our first Wednesday night service with the Deaf in Callao this past Wednesday.  There were so many people praying, and God graciously answered those prayers!  
We started the service at 7 with just our family and the Pastor's family from the Hearing church.....but no Deaf.  Every buzz of the front entrance bell sent Matt flying to the door!  About 7:30 we had one Deaf man, Coco.  We were grateful for the one and continued with the service.  When I brought the kids back from the bathroom, I saw that Irene had arrived.  About 5 minutes later, Raul came in with two friends!  Then about 10 minutes later, Josimar, a young man, came in....he had also brought a friend!  God gave us 7 Deaf for our first Wednesday!  Omar, one of the men that came with Raul, is a fisherman.  He told us that he can only come to church on Wednesdays!  Do you ever think about all the wonderful things God does for us and has in store for us when we take those steps of obedience and faith?
We finished the service about 8:30...a little later than we had planned, but God was in control of it all!  I think the Deaf were surprised that we were going to go back to Villa El Salvador that was getting late!  After explaining to them that I had to teach school the next day, they understood and walked with us back up to the corner where we get on the combi (small bus).  On the way to the corner, someone suggested Coca-Cola and a snack!  (I love Deaf culture!)  So we all went to a small store and had Coca-Cola and crackers!  (My kids were so happy!!)  The Deaf wouldn't let us pay!  What fun we had sitting around talking and laughing together.  How I treasure those moments!  We felt so incredibly honored to be invited into and have a part in their world!
When we were finished, we continued on to the corner.  I thought about how God promises to protect us.  I thought about how the center of His will is the safest place in the world to be, no matter what the circumstances are.  I felt like crying tears of joy as I thought about His tender care of His servants.  How strange it must have seemed to see a white family walking down the street with a group of Peruvians - all our hands going as fast as possible as we talked in true Deaf style!!  But God showed me something precious that night - yes, God did set His angels 'round about us...and those angels were Deaf!  


  1. I'm crying as I read this, Sarah. Isn't wonderful to minister to the Deaf, precious Deaf souls! How blessed we are to be called to such precious people. Yes, I love them too.

  2. I didn't know you had a blog! Following now! Maria in Jamaica