Saturday, May 4, 2013

How far would you go?

Recently, we had the privilege of going to Irene's house.  Who is Irene?  She is a dear, saved, Deaf lady, who is faithful not only to her church, but most importantly, to her Saviour.  It was Irene's birthday, and she had invited us and many of her Deaf friends to celebrate with her.  For her, it was not just her birthday, but an opportunity to present salvation to her friends.
I was so humbled when I saw her house.  Then the Lord reminded me of the blessing of Irene's faithfulness.  I thought about how far she lived from the church, and how long it took her to get to church every Sunday.  Yet, she is there every Sunday!  The Lord then asked me, "How far would you go?"
While I was meditating on that question, the Lord showed me that He wasn't just talking about the distance a person lives from the church.  I thought about how my parents always made the sacrifice to go to church - even when it meant driving 30 minutes to 1 hour just to get to church.
But then the Lord asked me again, "How far would you go?"  I began to see what the Lord was saying..."How far would I go to reach someone with the Gospel?"  What sacrifices could I make so that a soul would be saved and a life changed?  Am I willing to step into the uncomfortable unknown - just to reach a person for Christ?  How far did Christ go?  
 This picture is a picture of Rosa (in the orange shirt) with Olga and Irene.  Rosa knows very little signs, yet she has a soul that Jesus died for...a soul that deserves the opportunity to hear the Gospel in a way she can understand.  How precious to see Irene and Olga witnessing to Rosa!  She is getting closer and closer to salvation - praise the Lord!  We look forward to the day when she understands and puts her faith and trust completely in the Saviour!
As we left Irene's house that day, I looked around me....myriads of thoughts crowding my mind.  Then I saw something that just made my heart break.  I saw two Mormon "missionaries" walking down the street.  My heart broke as I thought of the strong-hold the Deceiver has in that particular area - the cults are already there, but where are those with the Truth of God's wonderful plan of Salvation?   Once again, I felt ashamed.  The cults are willing to go as far as they can to reach people.  I have the truth.  Again I heard the Lord asking, "How far would you go?  To a far-away land?  To another town?  To my next-door neighbor?  How far would you go?"

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