Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just Being Mommy

What a joy and blessing it is to be "Mommy"!  Yes, some moments don't seem to be quite as joyful and blessed as others, but I am thankful that God has allowed me to be "Mommy" to those two little kiddos crowded together in that swing!  
For me, Mother's Day is a bittersweet day.  I am so thankful to have had a Mom who raised me to serve the Lord, but oh, how I miss her!  I am grateful to serve the Lord with my family.  It is a joy and blessing to see my children learning to trust the Lord and serve Him!
Sundays are always busy days for us, but this past Sunday was a special kind of busy!  We got to spend most of the day with the dear Deaf of Callao - how precious they all are!  I cried so many tears of joy on Sunday, that finally Jazmin (a 15 year old Deaf girl) finally asked me why I was crying!  I tried to explain that those tears were tears of joy, but I don't know how successful I was in convincing her!  One of the Sunday School classes in the Hearing Church sang a song in sign language.  It was so beautiful, and just made the tears stream down my face.  Then I happened to glance at Irene - she was crying too, and that just added to my own tears of happiness!  Irene's grandson was one of the children signing.  
The Hearing Church gave all the moms a teacup.  Well, those of you who know me, know that teacup has now been converted into a coffee cup!  Isn't it beautiful? 
Everyone keeps asking, "So what did Matt and the kids get you for Mother's Day?"  I can proudly and gratefully say, "They gave me time."  They gave me that most precious of all gifts....Time.  They gave me time to spend with them as a family, serving our Lord together.  They gave me time to "Just be Mommy."  They gave me something that can never be wrapped in a box or put into a card.  They gave me precious memories of our time spent together as a family.  Happy Mother's Day! 

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