Saturday, March 30, 2013

Break Time!

Well, I suppose I should start out this blog by offering a humble apology for how long it's been since I've update the blog!  I'll make it up to you by sharing some recent photos of my Sweetie and my Kiddos!  I considered tossing in a self-portrait as a bonus, but changed my mind - I didn't want to scare you into never coming back to read all my nonsense the next time I update my blog!  When I took these pictures I was taking a break from working on taxes (I think I heard something about a massage when I was done...) - one more reason for you not to see a picture of me today! First we have....

...."Mr. Field & Stream Man" - I can't convince him to look through the proper end of the binoculars - he likes everyone to look far away, I guess!  Hmmm...maybe he's NOT quite ready for a hiking trip!

         Next is "Martha the Animal Tamer"... of course at this point she only tames her stuffed dog "Dug"!  She practices on "The Borrowed Cat" also!  Daddy likes Dug much better than Borrowed Cat!

Someday I will capture that elusive moment on film when everyone is looking at the camera at the same time - smiling normally and eyes open!
And finally we have my second favorite picture of the day.....
My favorite picture of the day is the one of my Sweetie with both my Kiddos in his lap!  
Now......what was that about a massage....?????

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