Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Picnics and Parties

 Martha came and asked recently if we could have a picnic.  I'm not sure what prompted that inspired idea, but it sounded like fun - plus it was an easy supper idea!  I made tuna sandwiches with avocado slices on them.  All four of us LOVE avocado!!  I had some "special" cookies that we packed in the bag with our sandwiches, and since I didn't have any chips, (I wasn't sure how you could have a picnic WITHOUT chips, but we managed!)  We used Ritz crackers instead!
I made a thermos of hot chocolate and had a little thermos for water also!  What a blessing to have paper plates, paper cups, etc. on hand already (and it meant NO dishes! Can't you see my big cheesy grin that the thought of NO dishes?!)  I was scrambling in my mind to think of what I could use for a picnic basket, when Martha informed me she had a picnic basket.  I scrambled even more in my mind to think what she had that could be used for a basket, and was drawing a blank!  Martha ran to her room, and brought back her pink laundry basket (now why couldn't I have thought of that?)  Of course it meant that all her dirty clothes were dumped out onto the floor, but......well...they were dirty anyway, right?  So we managed to get everything packed in that we would need, including the checkered tablecloth!  Matt was gone to the church at the moment, so the kids and I carried our basket and "hiked" to our picnic spot!  "Hiking" meaning we walked down the hall and back again to the living room!  Matt got home in time to enjoy the picnic.  We had a great time - we'll have to make that a regular "outing" - though it was kind of funny to have a picnic listening to forest sounds on the computer and seeing the Christmas tree all set up with lights twinkling!
Martha had her first school Christmas party yesterday!  She had a great time - she was one of the winners in the cookie decorating contest!  They had a gift exchange, and Martha received her very own coffee cup!  I'll have to take a picture of her with her coffee cup and share it with you!
Opening a Gift is Serious Business!
It is a tradition here in Peru to give Paneton (a dome-shaped bread with dried fruit in it) to people for Christmas.  Martha received her very own Paneton - and opened it right away! 
Martha still has school until December 20th, but then we'll have time for more picnics and parties!
Have a blessed week!

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