Sunday, August 26, 2012

Too Young?

I was convicted recently about something....something lacking in my son's life.  And (I hate to admit it!) it was my own words that the Holy Spirit used to convict me!  
I had sent Martha to her room to have her quiet time.  She has a devotional book that she "reads" every morning.  It has a picture of a cat on the front, so she calls it her "Cat Book"!  Since we have made her a schedule, quiet time is part of her every day routine.  Yes, she is only 3 and not yet saved, but what better time to instill Godly habits into her life than now? 
After I had helped Martha get settled for her quiet time, I spent the next few minutes explaining to Ian why Martha couldn't play right now.  And while I was explaining, the Holy Spirit started doing some explaining to me!  At first I protested - saying, "But Ian is too young!"  "Too young?" I heard the Holy Spirit say!  "Too young to start forming Godly habits - the same habits you are trying to teach his sister?  Why wait to start teaching him and training him?"  Have you ever "rolled your eyes" at the Holy Spirit?  Well, I did as I started to protest some more with my lame excuse "He'll never sit still!"  Will I never remember that the Holy Spirit knows all these things already?  So, the Holy Spirit once again reminded me that Ian is not to young to start learning to sit still and have quiet time.  So....I surrendered, took Ian to his room, got his "Bible" (Bible storybook) and got him settled on his bed with "Oof" and "Bear."
He didn't stay on his bed reading for very long, but it was a start!
Oh, the joy that the Holy Spirit filled my heart with as I saw my children learning the habit of quiet time with the Lord!  
At this very moment, Ian is walking around the living room with my "clumpy shoes"!  What a reminder of how our children try to fill our shoes and walk in our footsteps!  It makes me take a moment to ask myself - "Where am I leading my children?"  
Too Young?  Jesus didn't think so when he said, "...Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not:  for of such is the kingdom of God."  Not only did he allow the children to come unto Him, but the Bible also says in that same verse, "But Jesus called them unto him..."  

Too Young? 

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  1. Major conviction, Sarah! And I was thinking that Seth was still too young at five years old! No way! He's starting right away too! Thanks for opening my eyes.