Monday, August 20, 2012

Just a Moment!

Aahh!  Quiet...beautiful silence.....can you hear it?  The only sounds I hear at this moment is the heater - yes, you read it correctly, the HEATER, the noise of the buses going by, and the sound of the tea kettle telling my water is ready for a cup of delicious Monaco coffee in my favorite coffee cup!

And now I know you are wondering a couple of things at least.  First you are still probably hung up on the mention of the heater.  Yes, it is cold outside....well, okay it is all a matter of perspective. I realize  61°F  is really not THAT cold!  But after living in the Philippines for 7 and 1/2 years, 61° might as well be 31°!  When you put it in Celsius - it sounds even worse - 16°C!!

Next you are probably wondering how in the world am I experiencing such blissful quietness and solitude?  Nope, it is NOT 4a.m.!  The kids have gone to bed early (not much nap today, so they - and Mommy - were ready!), and Matt is down playing "futbol" (soccer) with the guys!

Do you ever have days when you wish you had "just a moment"?  I find myself repeating those very words every day.  My response to Martha calling for help from the bathroom?  "Just a Moment" - as I hurriedly dry my hands from washing dishes!  My answer to Ian asking for "a snack, Mommy, a snack"?  "Just a moment" - as I come in from switching laundry loads that I just remembered!  My answer to my Dear Honey needing help with a project?  "Just a moment" - as I am finishing up lunch preparations!  Sometimes I find myself needing my own "Just a Moment"!  Then God sweetly gives me that "moment" - like right now.  God has given me this moment to share my cup of coffee and some of my thoughts with you.  How thankful I am for these when the power goes out while I'm catching up on my blog....!

...Power's back on!  When I think about that phrase "Just a Moment" I find myself wondering just how many moments of my day do I actually share with my Saviour?  Yes, I have my quiet time every morning, but do I really let Him share every moment of my day with Him - or do I say, "Just a Moment, Lord...!"  How thankful I am to realize that my Lord never tells me, "Just a Moment, Sarie....I have to finish the dishes first!"  How grateful I am when I think of all the "moments" God has given to me!

Here's a picture of one of my favorite moments!  This was at the "Parque de las Aguas" (Park of the Water Fountains).  Matt and I got to go there for our anniversary! (Power's out clothes in the dryer will NEVER get dry...but that a "Life on the Mission Field Moment"!)

Have a beautiful week thanking our Saviour for all those "Just a Moments" He gives you this week!

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