Sunday, October 23, 2016

I am an Introvert

Did you know?  I am an introvert.  Isn't that funny?  I am an introvert, and the older I get the more of an introvert I become!  I have a routine, and I like it....I like it a lot!  Sometimes a week goes by before I realize that I haven't left the house the whole week!  But, I am comfortable with that - it is my "safety zone."  I feel secure.  I adore schedules and plans!  I don't do well with crowds or new people or new places - never have.  I blog because I can "chat" with you, but I don't have to stand in front of anyone!
I worried my roommates and friends when I first went to college.  I stayed in my room.  I worked on my requirements.  I was content.  They were worried!  They found a job for me, so I wouldn't be "lonely"!  I liked the job....I worked by myself.  During my Senior year of college, I purposely schedule nothing for Friday nights.  You see, I knew that all my roommates would be busy on Friday evenings - work, dates, shopping, etc. That meant solitude....peace and quiet.....time alone.....a valuable (and necessary) resource in my world.
Would you like to know the funniest thing about me being an introvert?  I am a missionary.  Isn't that hilarious?  God chose to take an introvert like me, and send me out as a missionary!  And you know what that means, right?  Exactly!  New people, new places, the need for flexibility, the need to leave my house!  You know what else it means?  It means I have to stand in front of people and talk/sign!  That in and of itself is amazing, because having to stand in front of people is the very reason I wouldn't take Sign Language in college! Now who says the Lord doesn't have a sense of humor?
So, here I am.....Introvert, Wife to my Beloved, Mommy to my 3 Blessings, and Missionary/Pastor's wife to the Deaf and Hearing (which means I have to stand in front of people quite often!).
Is it hard to be an introvert and a missionary at the same time?  Yes, but God gives great grace....and a sense of humor!

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  1. Now I know why you and I have always hit it off. You just described me to a T, except that I wanted and chose to take sign language in Bible college, but I suffered a whole lot of underconfidence with the interpreting part of it.

    Now as a missionary wife, I have to come out of my "comfort zone" as the preacher's wife to teach ladies meetings, greet visitors, visit with people, teach Sunday School, and even just be mom. Talk about feeling undercomfident. I want to be a turtle backing into my shell, and God doesn't let me. Amazing that God chooses to use introverted people like us! I love you like a sister. Heaven will be wonderful when we get to spend the rest of eternity "catching up" in person!