Sunday, June 26, 2016

One Tract


I am but a piece of paper,
Not very sturdy, and really rather small.
Yet I have a message - 
"Jesus died for all!"

The missionary had me printed
And stamped with his address.
He gave me out so willingly,
Trusting God to do the rest.

Alas, the one who received me
Tossed me down without a care.
I fluttered to the ground - 
In the mud, I stayed there.

But God had heard that missionary's prayer - 
He saw exactly where I fell.
He allowed a Deaf man to find me - 
"Deaf and Hearing" was the message I did tell.

That Deaf man picked me up so gently,
Cleaned me up, and tried to read me.
But all the grime had blurred the words,
Yet the man saved me carefully.

In his backpack all alone
I waited patiently.
Then again he found me
And tried once more to read my map.

All the time God was working.
The missionary kept on giving many of my friends away.
He and his family gave to a lady
Another tract like me.

Then one day, to the Deaf man's surprise...
He arrived home - what a scene before his eyes!
There sat his mother, reading something that looked like me - 
It was my twin, you see!

God started fitting the pieces together
For this Deaf man who had kept me.
God brought to this Deaf man
Different people talking about the missionary!

The day finally came when God
Brought my story back to home.
The missionary and his family
Stopped by to visit this Deaf man in his home.

As his computer conversation ended
With a friend from another place -
There stood the missionary
With joy on his face!

Oh!  How they all rejoiced!
What happiness filled each heart!
As the Deaf man and the missionary
Marveled at my part!

I am but a piece of paper, you see.
Not very sturdy, and really rather small
But God chose to use me,
When the missionary obeyed God's call.

Some folks despise and reject me - 
They say I'm of no use.
And though sometimes I suffer abuse,
My message is the same -
"Jesus died for all!"

So always remember, my friend,
I am a tool that God can use 
To bring a soul to Him.
Ask for God's blessings,
And send me on my way - 

One day in Heaven you will be amazed
At how God used me - 
One tract -
To bring many souls to Him!

- Sarah McKendree

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