Tuesday, June 2, 2015

First and Last

This past Sunday, we got to go as a family to the Deaf church in Dulanto, Callao.  The entire day, my mind was flooded with memories made with those dear Deaf!
2012....It was the first time the kids and I ever got to go to the church there in Dulanto.  Matt had been going for a month or so, and finally the kids and I got to go, too!  The train ride was exciting!  We got to ride on the "red train."  I made up a song for the kids - so the train ride wouldn't seem so tedious.  "Dinosaur Jack" has become one of my children's favorite songs!  You might even say he has been our mascot the last couple of years!
The crowded combi was wonderful!  I don't think I'll ever forget that trip - the combi was so crowded, I had to stand the whole way - but I loved it!  A dear, sweet, older Peruvian lady offered to let Martha sit on her lap.  Ian was with Matt.  I was thrilled to be a part of the "Public Transportation Culture"!  It seemed as if my eyes looked everywhere - trying to take it all in - not wishing to miss anything!
2015.....Our last trip as a family to Dulanto, Callao - at least for now.  This time we got to ride on the "green train."  The "green train" is much more sleek and modern than the "red train."  My children miss the "red train."  This time the train was full, but in keeping with our tradition, I sang "Dinosaur Jack" one more time.  I ended up singing it again later in the day, because Ian didn't get to hear it as he had been sitting with Tio Frank when I sang it that morning.
The combi ride was fairly quiet.  Phebe fell asleep on my lap.  It still seemed as if my eyes looked everywhere - trying once more to take it all in - all the changes that had occurred over the past 2 years - yet all the things that were still the same.
As we walked down the street to the church, I thought of how GOOD the Lord has been to us.  In all the times we made that trip, we never were threatened or harmed in any way.  I never felt like a stranger or out of place.  It was like coming home - like I belonged.
What a blessing it was to see our dear Deaf members!  What a joy it is to see how they have grown and matured in the Lord!  How grateful I am that God has given them a Deaf Pastor!  How special it is to see them love and support their Deaf Pastor!
For me, life is like a beautiful tapestry.  God is the Master Weaver - He puts strands in, and pulls others out.  Most of the time, I only see the ugly back-side of the tapestry - but every once in a while, God gives me a glimpse of the beautiful masterpiece He is creating.  I often wonder what God is doing when I see that "ugly" strand being woven into place.  I wonder how it could possibly fit into God's picture.  Then a flash of a golden strand being inserted into just the right place.
As God moves us to Iquitos, He gives me a glimpse of that beautiful masterpiece.   Who, but God, could have known that sending me to the Philippines was the best preparation I could have received for living in Iquitos, Peru?  Who, but God, could have known when He put us in Callao, that many of the Deaf we have worked with the last couple of years are from Iquitos?  He gives me that glimpse that assures my heart of the blessed fact of Romans 8:28!

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