Monday, September 8, 2014

First Impressions

As I write to you this morning, I am in New Mexico, drinking a Banana Nut Cappuccino - Mmmmmm!  So far, America has had quite an impression on Martha and Ian.  It's so much fun to see things through their eyes!
I am grateful for each of you who have been praying for our trip here.  The kids did so great with all the flying, tight connections, and just sitting and waiting in the airports!  Ian got a little upset right before one of our flights.  They had us sit and wait so they could redo our boarding passes (and put us sitting all together instead of all spread out!).  Ian started crying as he watched the other people getting on the plane ahead of us - he was SURE the plane would leave without us!  It didn't and God gave us a special blessing - a man and a lady offered to switch places with Martha, Phebe, and me so we could sit right behind Matt and Ian!  What a hug from Jesus that was!
When we got into the Atlanta airport, the kids saw something they had never seen before.  They tugged on my hand, and started pointing, saying, "Mommy, what is THAT?!"  I looked to see what they were pointing at and began laughing.  It was a drinking fountain.  We don't have drinking fountains in Peru, and if you do find one, you can't drink the water!  I took them over to the "water fall" as Ian calls it, showed them how it worked, and let them try it.  They loved it!!  Now we can't go past any drinking fountain without trying it out!  Fortunately, I remembered to tell them not to put their mouths on the spout!  Unfortunately, I didn't think about telling Ian not to lick the water out of the basin!  Oops!
So we have been here almost a week.  It is amazing to Ian and Martha that Mommy knows how to drive!  They have seen Matt drive - he has his Peruvian driver's license.  They didn't know that Mommy could drive too!  Martha asked me yesterday with a tone of awe in her voice, "Are you going to drive today, Mommy?"
I'm sure we'll have many more stories to add to our storehouse of memories before we head back to Peru!  I think about how delightful it is to watch my children make these discoveries - things that I have known, but to them it is all new and exciting!  It makes the "hum-drum" things exciting to me once more!  Then I think about our Heavenly Father and how delightful it is to Him when He sees His children making spiritual discoveries!  What a joy it is to serve the Lord as a family!

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