Saturday, May 17, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect?

 So, what have I been up to since you last heard from me?  Turning my living room into a driving course!  Isn't that what every good missionary wife does?  No, this wasn't just a new amusement for Martha and Ian - although they thought it was all great fun!  After much studying, Matt passed his written exam for his Peruvian driver's license.  Those of you who have ever driven (or are currently driving) in a foreign country can appreciate the simplicity of obtaining a driver's license in the good ol' USA!  Back to my story….The next step was to take the driving exam.  Here in Peru, they have a course all set up for the exam.  There are two routes - Ruta A and Ruta B.  They have cameras and watchers placed in different places around the course, and you are allowed 0 mistakes.  Yes, you read it right - 0 (zero) mistakes.  (Gulp!)  After some frustration, the Lord inspired me.  I was desperately searching for a way to be a help and encouragement to my Man!  It started out as sort of a joke when I suggested setting up the driving course in my living room (praise the Lord for a rather large living room)!  Matt took me up on my suggestion and presto - a driving course (complete with a rompe muella - speed bump) fit for a missionary and his two excited children!   I took a video of one of the practice sessions.  I don't know if practice really makes perfect, but it sure helped one missionary pass his driver's test!  The kids and I were so excited to get the phone call telling us he had passed!  We celebrated by going out to eat Chaufa (Chinese food) with three of the men from the church!  The kids were excited that Daddy passed his test, but disappointed that he didn't come home with a new car!
Here are a couple of recent pictures of Phebe.  Hard to believe she is almost 2 months old already!  These pictures were taken the day she received her Peruvian ID card!
On Sunday night (Mother's Day), there was  scuffling sounds on our front porch, then the doorbell rang.  I couldn't imagine who could be at our door at that time of the day, but I had a clue…I could hear one of the Deaf girls laughing!  Sure enough, most of the Deaf girls and their Dorm Moms came by to wish me a "Happy Mother's Day!"  It was the "icing on the cake" for my special Mother's Day!   How I love the special surprises the Lord sends my way!
My Happy Mother's Day Greeting from the Deaf Girls Dorm!

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