Saturday, April 13, 2013

Family Moments

I thought I would share some "Family Moments" with you today....
Martha and Daddy praying together
 I took this picture recently when Matt and Martha were praying together.  It is such a joy and blessing to hear my children pray.  Their simple faith always amazes me!
Retrieving the ball!

The Suction Cup Ball
The other night the kids were playing as you can see in the next few pictures...I'll offer some explanations so you'll know what in the world you are looking at!  The kids have a ball that is made of suctions cups.  It came with two "paddles" - for playing catch.  Martha and Ian rarely - if ever - use the paddles!  The other day, they discovered a great new way to play with the ball - Ian found that if he threw it onto the window, it would stick.  It sticks just enough to get a shriek of laughter from the kids, then falls off so they can throw it again!  Talk about simple pleasures.....!
Can you see the ball stuck to the window?
 Another favorite pastime is wrestling with Daddy!  Ian never gives any warning to Matt - when Matt sits on the floor, Ian comes running as fast as he can and tackles Daddy - kind of like a line-backer!
Martha is usually not far behind in joining in the fun!  That night, Ian was on top of Matt and Martha dove on top of Ian!
I took this video of Martha and Ian.  I hope you will be able to see it...Martha is learning to skip and it is so funny to see her "practicing" her newly acquired skill!  As you can see, she hasn't quite gotten the hang of it, but she is now always asking me to skip with her!  Enjoy!

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