Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tell me a story

 Martha and Ian love reading books!  We are slowing but surely building our library!  This summer, we have been borrowing books from the Efata Library.  Most of the books are in Spanish, but it doesn't matter to them!  And it's been good for me, as I read them in Spanish, or translate them into English while I read them to the kids!
Martha has been asking me lately to "Tell me a story, Mommy."  So, I've been telling her stories of "A Little Girl I Used To Know."  Sometimes I'll tell her that the little girl was me, and sometimes I don't (but all those stories are from my childhood).  Recently I told her about the "Little Girl" who used to ride on her Daddy's shoulders, but she would put her hands over her Daddy's eyes as they walked!  Martha thought that was pretty funny!  Last night, she wanted to sit on Daddy's shoulders, so when I walked into the living room - this is what I saw!  She had to be reminded not to put her hands over Daddy's eyes - like that "Little Girl"!
 Last night I spent some time "rejuvenating" books!
  The kids have a couple of books that they love, but were starting to come apart.  The Lord gave me the wonderful idea of "Rejuvenating"!  I carefully took the pages out of both of the books and put the pages into plastic page protectors.  Then I put all the pages into a
notebook (3/2 ring binder).  Now the books will last them twice as long!  Before we moved to Peru, I had taken my Dad's old National Geographic magazines and made picture books for each of the kids from the pictures of animals and places that were in the magazines.  I used the same method with those books and they loved them!  Those books kept the kids occupied for hours!
Ian especially loves these books, and since he is still learning to be careful and gentle with books - these are much sturdier for him!  I am thinking I will try to do this with other books in the future - as
they wear out - that way we'll get the most use out of them!  And I can just add to the binder I already have until it gets full, then get another binder!  Praise the Lord for God-given inspiration!
Quite some time ago, I mentioned that I was working on translating Evidence Not Seen into Spanish.  I am still working on it.  Yesterday I finished Chapter 3 and today I am hoping to find time to finish Chapter 4 (it's a short chapter).  I am so thankful for all the help and wisdom the Lord has given me as I work on this project.  This is one of my favorite books, and to read it again as I translate it - word by word, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, the Lord has taught me so much!  Praise the Lord for the Godly examples who have gone before us!

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  1. Your new book looks great! Thanks for sharing the idea!