Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Riding the Train

I got to ride the train yesterday!  I was so excited when my friend Ruth asked me to go material shopping with her in a place called Gamarra!  Gamarra is quite a ways from here, and it meant taking the train to get there!
I have always loved trains, so you can imagine my excitement of getting to actually ride on the train.  I have been saying for a long time that some day I want to drive the train!  I don't think anyone will ever let me drive this train, but who knows?
Gamarra is a place that is (as Matt would say) "slap full" of people!  But there are all kinds of material shops there.  Any kind of material you can imagine can be found there!  I was able to find some material for Martha.  She's been growing like a weed and is in need of some new culottes and skirts.  There is a Deaf lady (Lupe) here who sews beautifully, so I am planning on asking her if she would be willing to sew some clothes for Martha!
Well, my coffee cup is almost empty, and it is almost time for our language class, so I must run!  Have a great day!

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