Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aunt Jessi's Chocolate Crinkles

Ian had a busy morning today.  He helped Mommy start a load of laundry, water the plants, and sweep the kitchen.  Then he got to make cookies for the first time today with Mommy!  We decided to try Aunt Jessi's Chocolate Crinkles.  Right now, we are waiting for laundry and the cookies are chilling in refrigerator.  I don't know if Ian will actually get to help put the cookies on the pan to put in the oven - he might be taking a nap by then!
As you can see, he sure was happy to be helping Mommy make cookies!  He really did good - didn't have TOO big a mess to clean up when we were done!
I certainly appreciated the "help" stirring!  He only got the spoon out of the bowl a couple of times.  He had a few smudges of chocolate on his arm by the time we were done (not exactly sure how that happened...)!
Here is our proof that we didn't make MUCH of a mess!  
This is what you do when you have finished mixing up a batch of cookies with Mommy - you sit in your sister's chair and put your feet up on Daddy's chair (since neither one are here!)  We are looking forward to baking and eating those yummy cookies we made, but first we have to eat lunch.  I think I'll make mac & cheese, then later we can eat chivo (goat)!

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  1. So cute. He is adorable! Looks like making cookies flat wore him out, but I highly doubt it!

    I tried goat one time in New Guinea. It wasn't bad, but was rather gamey. Do ya'll like it?