Saturday, October 3, 2015

Living the Dream Part 3

Iquitos, Peru...what is it really that fascinates me about my city?  Is it all the neat and intersting things to do and see?  Is it seeing the Iron House, which was designed by Gustave Eiffel?  Is it the Boat Museum, which tells the history of Iquitos during the Rubber Boom?  Is it all the neat little shops and restaurants with delicious regional food, like "juane" and "tacacho con cecina" and "chonta" salad? Do I love my city because it has the distinction of being the world's largest city inaccessible by road and the world's farthest inland ocean port?  Each of those things is just one of the many bonuses God has allowed me to enjoy.
I love Iquitos because My Saviour loves Iquitos. He loves every single person who lives, works, or even just visits here.  My Saviour died for each person here. He wants them to be saved and grow in Him.  People like my friends Laly and Maria, who work hard every day to provide for their families.  People like the guard who works across the street.  People like Jessy, who is one of the cashiers at one of our grocery stores.  People like the men and women of the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force who help keep our city and country safe.  People just like me.
Yes, I may have a goofy grin on my face when I think about how I get to live here in Iquitos, the city of my prayers and dreams.  But my heart is full...full of love for the other people here who also call Iquitos home.  Yes, Iquitos is my home.  I am a local. And I love it.

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  1. These posts have been such a blessing. I love to see your missionary heart shine through. Love ya, my dear friend.