Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day of the Potato

 The Day of the Potato was on May 30, 2012.  Here at Efata, we celebrated on Friday...what a fun school day!  Here are some pictures from our celebration of The Day of the Potato!
Grade 5 (Deaf School) - makers of Causa
Causa - a yummy Peruvian tradition!
Each grade in the Deaf school and in the Bilingual School made a different dish with potatoes.  Did you know that here in Peru there are over 3,000 kinds of potatoes?  You may be laughing and thinking, "How different can one potato be from another?"  I used to think the same thing until I started cooking here!  I am still learning what each kind of potato is used for, but one thing I have learned....not all potatoes in Peru are the same, nor do they all make good mashed potatoes - they have a potato just for that!  And in case you are wondering.....sweet potatoes (at least here, anyway) do not fit under the category of potato at all!  Sorry, all you sweet potato's not really a potato, it's a tuber.....
Up close view of Cause
  Some potatoes are for boiling, some for mashing, and I'm not sure what all the other ones are for except for eating!  They even have purple potatoes!
 Of course, my little family enjoyed all the sights, sounds, and tastes!
Can we eat it now???

So the next time you eat a potato....think of Peru!  After all, Peru is the birthplace of the potato!  
(And I get to live here with all these yummy potatoes!!)  

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  1. We don't have that many options for potatoes here in Australia, but we do have several and I've learned that the red ones make the best mashed potatoes! Yum!