Thursday, January 17, 2013


Just thought you would like to see some of our recent photos.  I'll offer a few explanations along the way....
Ready for Work (with Daddy's gloves)!!
Ian came into the living room one day, sporting his "Workman's Look" - overalls and Daddy's work gloves!  Olga had a great time helping me make pizza - definitely a first for her!
Making Pizza
This picture of Ian in his sunglasses, hat, flip flops, and pj's is priceless!  He had his pj's on, and he came out to the living room after putting on his hat, sunglasses and flip flops - he loves every part of his wardrobe in that picture!
Ready for BED??
We LOVE Kitty!!!!!
Martha and our borrowed cat 
Martha LOVES the cat!  She's been asking me for weeks to take a picture of the cat and send it out for all to see....!  (My apologies to those of you who have little use for cats....I won't name names - you know who you are!  Matt is at the top of that list!  He's nice to the cat, but only tolerates her!)
I'm Readin'
I walked into the living room the other evening to find Ian "readin'."  His idea of reading is to open the book, look at the pictures, and sing (very loudly) about the pictures!  I am thankful both of my children love books!
Goin' to the River
We were getting ready to go on an outing to the river when we took these two pictures.  We had gotten beach buckets for the kids, and that morning I bought sunglasses and flip flops/crocs (fake ones) for the kids.  It was such a fun day!
Martha came running in to inform us of her brother's whereabouts....can you find him?
Where's Ian? (Modern version of "Where's Waldo?")
 This past Tuesday for Family Day, we went to a nearby park.  It was fun!  We had a picnic, the kids got to ride horses and play on the playground, and we took a boat ride - all for less than $10 USD!!!  I think the park will become a regular feature in our Family Outings!
Ian the Cowboy
Just a note here about Ian riding the horse - I wish you could actually see him ride the horse - he's a natural cowboy - he doesn't just sit on the horse stiffly, he moves his body with the gait of the horse!  Martha got to ride the "Big Horse"!
Martha the Cowgirl
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Prayer Request:  We will have to leave Peru and come back into the country due to Martha and Ian's visas.  Please pray for wisdom concerning this trip and all that goes with it (paperwork for visas, etc.)

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