Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Can we open the presents now, Mommy?"

"Can we open the presents now, Mommy?"  Martha has asked me this question several times a day for the last few days...ever since the presents started appearing under the tree!  Ian hasn't said much about it, though he has tried to poke at the presents once or twice!  I still have a couple of more things to get and then we'll be done...So we are counting the days until we can open the presents....
 Remember I told you about the "Chocolatada" they have here in Peru to celebrate Christmas?  We have had two recently - one with our Deaf Church in Callao, and one with the Dorm Girls here at Efata.  Here are some pictures with the Dorm girls - they are all Deaf and just as sweet as can be...a little ornery, but sweet!
We filled them up with Paneton and Hot Chocolate - and had a grand time!

Olga (the girl next to me in this picture to the left) is coming to stay with us for the Summer (Doesn't that sound so weird - Summer in December?!?  But that's the blessing of living below the equator!)  We are all looking forward to having Olga stay with us for Christmas and for the Summer!

We have already had a wonderful Christmas season, learning anew the Christmas story and seeing it through the eyes of the Martha and Ian.  
In the three verbal languages that I know (I would sign it to you too if I could, but you can't see me...) I would like to wish everyone a Maayong Pasko, una Feliz Navidad, and a Merry Christmas to all!!!

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